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technology spot light

This is a homework project for computer programming and I chose the tv. The tv is a flat screen device I use to watch my favorite shows, sports, news, and other events for entertainment. The data accepts are a list of my favorite shows I watch to shows I recently watched. When I want for find something for example a shark movie to watch it will display a set of random movies because right away it doesn't know exactly what I want to watch. So I scroll through them and tap on the one I want to watch. If I"m choosing a channel in the 60s for example it will show me different networks for me to choose from. Also it can keep track of the shows I watch so it can help me find the show I would like to watch and not having to wait flipping through each network till I find what I am looking for.

Get Ready for school

1. Get up at 6 am
2. Eat breakfast
3. Get dressed
4. Get stuff together
5. Go to bus stop at 6:45
7 6:50 get on bus and go to school