amazon It is a website and store you can get your favorite stuff for less than other store and arrives fast airsoftmegastore a website that has gear for those who play airsoft or want to buy something for there gear can visit the cite and find what they want ford website that is about the cars and trucks they sell. If you are interested in wanting to get a ford car or truck and want to look at spec or reviews than I would recommend this site

2 questions of the day

power supply- they state as long as its not interrupted then it can be used A byte of data- Each byte can hold a string of bits that need to be used in a larger unit for application purposes
where are some of the submarine cables located? two cables connect on the west coast, while three extend from the east coast. Who owns the cables ? by telecom carriers and some are privately owned what are the cables used for and why? they are used for internet service and electricity

trinket code creation


annul fee-Any fee that is charged on an annual (yearly) basis.

 Annual Percentage Rate- is the annual ratecharged for borrowing or earned through an investment, and is expressed as a percentage that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan.

Credit Line- another term for line of credit

Cash Back- denoting a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

Balance- an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

 Minimum Payment- Making the monthly minimum payment on time is the least a consumer needs to do, to avoid late fees and to have a good repayment history on his credit report.


Some of the articles I read talk about personal data that they have and wonder where is it being sent to and how some people are getting it.All day long, you’re giving your data up. This is NOT NEW. Technically, what AcccuWeather did is more than likely legal, but it violates the Spirit Of Customers Are Always Right, Even If They Don’t Know What They Are Talking About. It also fails the Front Page Test, and well, when that happens it’s time for a crucifixion! And people feel uncomfortable about it. Some have found out the it takes 1000 dollars for someone to be able to get your personal data. Which has made privacy concerns for some families and some package traveling info has been targeted as well. Also some people should not share where they are at because it could be a target for thiefs or might redirect people from where you are

technology spot light

This is a homework project for computer programming and I chose the tv. The tv is a flat screen device I use to watch my favorite shows, sports, news, and other events for entertainment. The data accepts are a list of my favorite shows I watch to shows I recently watched. When I want for find something for example a shark movie to watch it will display a set of random movies because right away it doesn't know exactly what I want to watch. So I scroll through them and tap on the one I want to watch. If I"m choosing a channel in the 60s for example it will show me different networks for me to choose from. Also it can keep track of the shows I watch so it can help me find the show I would like to watch and not having to wait flipping through each network till I find what I am looking for.